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Bill Bergeman


How to Feel Better Right Now

    1. Forgive yourself.

    You have a choice to carry the pain with you or to set it down and continue your journey without it.

    2. Forgive someone else.

    Everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment. Offer humility and grace to someone you feel wronged you. This is baggage you picked up and put on your shoulders, so you can set it down and leave it in the past any time you want. What is all that resentment doing for you anyhow?

    3. Help someone in pain.

    Few experiences touch our humanity like seeing someone else in pain. I'm not saying it has to be physical pain - it can be any sort of mental or emotional challenge as well. It often puts our own pain in perspective, and it moves our focus toward helping the person.

    4. Get out of your head.

    There are many techniques for doing this, some of which are part of this list. The point is that when we're inwardly focused we experience greater pain than when we are focused on the external.

    5. Journal your thoughts.

    There is something liberating about expressing challenging emotions on paper. It's magic.

    6. If possible, look at something in nature that is bigger than you.

    Large bodies of water, trees, and mountains work exceptionally well.

    7. Listen to music that moves you.

    It doesn't matter if it's Mozart or Nirvana. If it softens you or reminds you of what is most important, then turn it on and turn it up.

    8. If you are driving, pull into the 'slow' lane and drive the speed limit.

    Let everyone else lose their minds while speeding by and riding close behind the vehicles in front of them. You are just chill listening to something beautiful and enjoying the ride.

    9. Take a nap.

    Sleep heals our minds as well as our bodies.

    10. Stand up. Smile. Lift your arms in the air like you just scored a touchdown. Yell 'YES!' at the top of your lungs.

    Body language is everything. When was the last time you felt great while slumped over? Conversely, how do you feel after doing this exercise?

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