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Collin Harness


How to fix the gun violence problem

There is a second amendment to own a gun, which means there will always be gun violence in the United States. But I believe there things that can be done to reduce the violence

    1. Universal background checks

    Make sure that if you have any type of history with violence you cannot own a gun.

    Right now anyone can go to a gun show and purchase a firearm immediately. Or you can buy it from another individual without any check.

    2. Red flag laws

    Temporarily removing firearms if a person is at risk.

    3. More security

    Codes to get into offices, schools, houses, rooms.

    More armed security at all public places.

    More armed citizens that will protect others.

    4. Make therapy a tax break

    I keep hearing 'mental health'. I do not really believe that gun violence is a mental health issues. But if it is then make it so that anyone in the U.S. can get therapy or help and then they can write that off of their taxable income. A lot more people would go and get help. And that would boost the mental health industry.

    5. Licensing

    This is my biggest idea.

    Make every single weapon legal. But you have to be licensed before you can purchase or own that weapon.

    The more deadly the weapon the more classes and hours of training you must have in order to own that weapon.

    We already do this for driving and flying. Why not owning a firearm?

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