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How to get larger donations for my Fundraiser.

This is a fundraiser to raise donations to get money to pay for a visit to the Mayo Clinic, as well as pay for living and health care expenses. This is for a rare condition called Brugada Syndrome. I need to raise $35,000 as soon as possible. I need to raise the online visibility as well, to reach as many donors as fast as possible.

    1. Put the Mayo Clinic logo on the fundraiser page.

    I called the Mayo Clinic and asked for permission to use their logo. They said yes. So I put it on the page, right next to my picture. People are more likely to donate if they think you are going to a legitimate institution.

    2. Put up testimonials from people who have been helped by the Mayo Clinic.

    I put up testimonials from people who went to the Mayo Clinic for various problems and were helped. In particular, one guy had a problem similar to mine and was cured after going there.

    3. Put up pictures of me with celebrities that I have interviewed in my career as a podcaster and TV show host.

    For instance, I interviewed Michael Lewis when he came out with his book about sports betting "The Edge". I've interviewed Tony Robbins numerous times, etc. It's easier than you would think to get these people to take a picture with you (or even better, send them an email saying, "Hey, can we do another interview?"). If you can get pictures of yourself with famous people then your fundraising will go much faster because people want to be associated with success or important people (and these pictures will help demonstrate that). This is especially true if you can get pictures of yourself standing next to someone who is even slightly famous but has nothing to do with your cause (e.g., Michael Lewis).

    4. Make sure your story is very clear why this money is needed and why it will make a difference in your life if you don't get this money quickly.

    People want their money to make a difference in someone's life or solve a problem or urgency for some reason or other so they can feel good about themselves for helping out in that situation. Make sure your story explains all those things very clearly so donors know what they are getting into here and how it will help you personally if they donate here instead of somewhere else where their donation might not make as big of an impact on someone's life in return for their donation.

    5. Post links everywhere possible so people can find this fundraiser easily when looking for fundraisers related to Brugada Syndrome on GoFundMe .

    For instance, post links on Reddit threads about Brugada Syndrome or personal health stories about Brugada Syndrome (there aren't many) or anything else related to Brugada Syndrome that might bring traffic here instead of somewhere else where your donations might go toward something less urgent than your situation here if there are other fundraisers related specifically toward Brugada syndrome (which there aren't many).

    6. Use social media influencers who follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and ask them politely if they could share this link around their followers / friends / fans / subscribers / whomever they have influence over online so that mo

    The more awareness raised around this campaign , the more donations will come in quickly since every day counts since I'm scheduled at the Mayo Clinic quickly once all tests are done here locally before heading off there for further testing
    And every day counts given my medical condition requires fast action

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