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How to get out of a rut

How to get out of a rut

    1. Clean house

    This isn't a metaphor. Literally clean your house. I tend to be disorganized in my private space (basically any area a visitor wouldn't see unless they're snooping). But when I'm stuck in an emotionally draining point, it feels good to get up, toss some stuff I don't use/need, and tidy up a bit.

    2. Change your routine

    Make dinner earlier. Instead of watching TV after work, read a book. Go for a walk right after you get up, instead of late morning. Little things to change the monotony of it all.

    3. Get up early AND get a lot of sleep

    Usually I'm lacking one of those two things when I get into an emotionally drained state. Among other things, of course.

    4. Pick up a hobby (or rediscover an old one)

    Doing something new forces us to learn and experiment. It may not be something you stick with but finding something new you haven't done before can be very rewarding.

    5. Go offline

    Get off the internet. More often than not, it's terrible for you.

    6. Go outside

    Take a walk. Grab a coffee and read in the part. Get some fresh air. More often than not, it's great for you.

    7. Spend time with people

    Call your mother. Make plans with that friend you haven't seen in months. Join some sort of meetup or club. When I've been dragged into a less-than-desirable state, I often blame that I'm too tired of people. That's not really true, though. I'm just tired of the people I see at work.

    8. Challenge yourself

    I like doing puzzles. Especially crosswords. I have a big book of NY Times crosswords. Tuesday puzzles, I think. They're not overly difficult, but they're just enough to get my brain moving.

    9. Eat well

    I haven't had chocolate yet this year, and that's crazy. Beyond that, eating well means feeling better physically, and that will pay dividends in all other parts of life.

    10. Spend time grooming yourself

    Similarly to eating well, making yourself look nice, taking a shower, and putting on nice clothes will help you out emotionally. Think back to the last time you bought new shoes. Looked pretty good, right?

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