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How to get over a breakup

    1. Let it out

    I would find myself getting emotional at random times, but I let myself sit with the pain and let it pass rather than try and suppress it.

    2. Stay active - gym, dinners, work, friends, meetups

    Make your life about something other than your relationship

    3. Meet new people - make new friends

    Expand your friend circle. Plan dinners out, go to parties. The more people you meet the more fun you will have and you could even meet your future partner, if that is what you want.

    4. Life plan - look at where your life is now and where you want to go

    5. Learn a new skill

    People are attracted to people that are interesting and living an awesome life.

    6. Make yourself attractive - food, exercise, shower, clean clothes, clean home

    7. Do not make any big changes for at least 6 months

    You are vulnerable right after a breakup. Think things through before you make any big changes. And think about the changes that are right for you and you should make

    8. Make a big change after 6 months - a new job, city, vacation

    A change of environment will change your mindset

    9. Volunteer - give back

    When I am down I remind myself to go volunteer to try to give something I have back to the community. Someone can always use your help.

    10. Start dating again

    It can be formal dating, but also informal. Start meeting new and different people, do not get deep and heavy right away. Find someone that sparks your interest and then try and become friends with them before you get truly romantic.

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