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How to get over the downside of birthdays

We all know that there is a down to every up. I am in recovery from the downside of my birthday. Here are some ways I handled it.

    1. Listened to a lot of Abraham-Hicks

    For some reason it just kind of makes sense to me right now. I grasp on too hard to things that are not putting me in happy places. I need to grab on to the good stuff.

    2. Binge watch a lot of tv

    I found a new series to binge watch "Happy Endings". I am almost done with all three seasons.

    3. Cry

    Yup. I've cried a bunch.

    4. Try some dieting

    I have been taking a bunch of fiber pills to help me feel fuller. No carbs is reallllllly hard. I have also been intermittent fasting.

    5. Get sick

    I don't think I was sick. I think it was the temperature going from 20 degrees to 60 degrees in two days. But I just slept A LOT!

    6. Binge on Wikipedia

    You learn a bunch of random cool stuff.

    7. Work a lot

    I am currently working 3 jobs. Preschool teacher. Dog/House Sitting and Hostessing at a restaurant. The only time I have time to think is right before sleep.

    8. Try new things

    challenge yourself to write a book 100 things I've learned from doing 100 new things. and actually try and find new things to do. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Like HARD.

    9. Attempt to meditate

    I keep attempting. I am at 5 minutes. I keep trying at 5 minutes. My mind goes bonkers. I need to try for 10.

    10. Think about changing your ideas on EVERYTHING.

    I am so strong on my opinions. Maybe I need to think about how bad it would be if I changed all of them. Would it really be all that bad?

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