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How to get real estate license in 30 days

    1. Purchase comprehensive Do it yourself course


    2. Tell 5 people - especially ones that would be disappointed in you if you flopped

    3. Find a friend or family member who is selling an investment property

    This way you have a dollar amount, and can start on the sell side which is much better than being a buyers agent. You'll also having a trusted friend of family member who is counting on you

    4. Clear out your calendar! no trips, no parties

    5. schedule your tests or time sensitive activities on day 1

    would be terrible if you did all that work and missed a deadline to sign up for a testing site or brokerage requirements

    6. Find a real estate friend

    Talk with someone who is an active agent that can talk you through things or help you on the inside, give you tips and pointers

    7. write down 10 reasons you want your license

    know your expectations and your 'why'

    8. Go lean!

    Read about lean startup strategy, create a kanban board and plan this out every day and every week

    9. Barely pass the test

    Don't go for 100%, identify the hardest parts of the test, and plan on getting just above a passing score

    10. Sacrifice sleep, not family

    If you're a family man like myself, it can be hard to give up time with your family in the evening. Instead get 6 hours of sleep instead of 7 or 8, that extra hour per day goes back to your family and your test scores

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