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How to have a happy life

These may not be for everyone, but these have been instrumental for my happiness!

    1. Spend time doing what you love

    Whether it's a passion project, hobby, side-gig or your main career, spend as much time as you can doing what you enjoy!

    2. Love

    Person, pets, projects, whatever it is, find that love and pursue it

    3. Eat Well

    Junk food is beautiful, but your body can only tolerate so much. Eat a balanced diet and your body will thank you

    4. Exercise

    Not only does it help you feel good, it's great for a mental refresh as well

    5. Mental Exercise

    Make NotePD lists, read a book, work on puzzles, solve logic problems, play games - there's heaps of things that will keep your mind active. Exercise this muscle too!

    6. Avoid Regret

    Easier said than done, but try not to be too hard on yourself. Inevitably there will be things that you regret, but try to spend less time regretting, and move on to things that you can control like future actions

    7. Spend your hard-earned money from time to time

    Not saying blow your money on useless things, but don't just save for the sake of saving. What's the point in saving if you aren't able to use it in the way that you'd like? Save up to travel, save up for a house, save up for that new MacBook, save up to donate to charity - whatever it is don't let your hardwork and hard-earned money go to waste.

    8. Find your "happy place"

    Just like those exercises, this could be a situation that you think about, or it could be a routine. For me, making matcha or coffee at 6AM (before my partner and dogs get up) in complete silence is such a serene way to start the day

    9. Record Productivity

    All wins, no matter how big or small, are worthy of recognition. Personally, I'm an avid to-do list writer. If I happen to do something that wasn't on the list, I'd add it and cross it out. I just find positivity in crossing items off my list and being (or perhaps merely "feeling") productive. Celebrate the wins!

    10. Connect with those you love

    Partners, family, friends, pets - whoever it may be, touch base with them from time to time. Catch-up or have a deep conversation, and appreciate the relationship that you built and maintain with the particular loved one :)

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