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How to have more energy

I've been a little lethargic lately --- need a reminder to get some energy!

    1. Sleep more

    7:30-9 hours needed. Multiple days in a row.

    2. Open eyelids wide and look up for 10 seconds

    Tried to find the article about this. This is a short term fix to trick your body into being more alert.

    3. Get some sun

    Even a little gets you going.

    4. Exercise

    Slacking in this department. When I don't sleep much, I don't want to workout. Even walk!

    5. Drink less

    When I get stressed, I like to drink. Had 3 drinks last night. Let's maybe wait until the weekend?

    6. Take walks and look up

    Look at the birds and the animals in the trees.

    7. Less technology

    Been using phone and laptop too much lately.

    8. More water?

    Drinking a lot of coffee in the mornings. Let's drink water in the late morning and afternoons.

    9. Lie to yourself

    Tell yourself "Wow, I've got so much energy today!"

    10. Look through your forehead

    Read about this years ago, open eyes a bit wider and make it feel like you are seeing through your forehead.

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