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How to have WOW with Your Wife.

10 things a husband can do to connect with his wife!!

How to have WOW with Your Wife.

    1. Make Her the One and Only!

    When you get married - She becomes your Number one!

    Your Guy friends, your mom, your dad, your siblings - all take a back seat. And that old fling? That's a no go.

    2. Cherish Her

    The Websters 1828 Dictionary says Cherish means: Treat with tenderness; comfort; to foster.

    Your wife - isn't a guy. Go Figure! So, don't treat her like one.

    3. Keep Learning About Her

    When you stop learning about your spouse, your marriage starts dying.

    She (and you, by the way) are not the same people you were when you got married.

    4. Encourage Her in Her Pursuits

    What does she love to do?

    Encouraging is related to #2 - Cherishing her. You want to grow - to be more of a woman - to help her thrive and become all that she can be!

    5. Take the Kids for a Day or Two

    It's easy to sit on your butt and let her do all the work with the kids. Especially if they're little.

    Step up and step in to give her time to take a break to rejuvenate and relax.

    6. Be Kind to her

    My words are sometimes the harshest towards my wife.

    It's like my filter comes off after a tough day and I just vomit all over her with frustration. Thats no good. Kindness goes further than being a jerk.

    7. Stop Looking at the Porn

    This one nearly killed my marriage.

    You may think there is nothing wrong with it - but trust me, things done in secret tend to be found out and bite you. Give it up. If you can't, get help.

    8. Share Your Feelings with Her

    "But my job is boring and she doesn't want to hear what I think about my work." A friend said this to me.

    He's wrong.

    It may seem little or inconsequential to you - but your spouse wants to hear those little details.

    9. Listen to Her

    When you tune her out, she'll start looking for other places that will tune her IN.

    Life is better when you listen to your wife. She just knows stuff intuitively sometimes that you would NEVER pick up on.

    10. Dream Together.

    Dreams are better when they involve each other.

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