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How to launch and succeed in a project that is close to your heart?

We all have projects we want to achieve. They are part of our journey to happiness. Sometimes we pretend that we don’t. Most likely because we don’t spend enough time with ourselves, so we can’t recognize them. But they are all around us. Take the time to listen to them, and you’ll be amazed and inspired by your dreams.

Why launch a project that is close to your heart?

Starting a new project has a leverage effect. It’s a creative cooperation with yourself and the people around you. The results are often above expectations.

How to launch a successful project?

    1. Define your Big Picture.

    “Don’t start negatively, and don’t start small. People will often focus on little details as a way of masking a lack of any clear, coherent, big thoughts. If you start petty, you seem petty.”―Robert Iger.

    People often start their explanation of a story or a project from the small details. This shows a lack of clarity, and they lose the attention of their audience. On the contrary, pay attention to what captures your thought during a presentation, a conversation, or while you’re reading a book.
    Most of the time, you’re caught on the big picture.

    You need the same thing for your mind. “Begin With the End in Mind” (habit 2), without searching the “how” too much, at first.

    When you understand and see your own big picture, prioritize and organize your projects.

    2. Execution

    “How you handle your own time is, in my view, the single most important aspect of being a role model and a leader.”―Andrew S. Grove.

    Sometimes we consider time management skills to be simple, or we think that we were born with these and they can’t be improved.

    I trust we underestimate the power of managing our time well. In today’s world, where there are so many distractions, it’s impossible to live our dreams without thinking and working on how we manage our time.

    On paper, it’s deceptively easy.

    --Build your big picture.
    --Prioritize the first projects you want to do.
    --Block time in your agenda.

    In reality, it’s far from being simple, but it’s worth spending time on it to get it right.

    3. Consistency.

    “Routine sets you free.” ―Verne Harnish

    When you start to execute, consistency will do the rest. Routines are the best tool to help here.

    Build an intentional routine where you dedicate time to your projects.
    I usually set a one-year deadline for my projects and dedicate 30 minutes every day in my morning routine.

    And even with just 30 minutes of laser focus per day, I achieved many of my dreams.

    See the book “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything“.

    4. Manage your expectations

    “There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations” ― Jodi Picoult,

    It’s not really what you do/don’t do, it’s more about your interpretation of it that will lead you to abandon or persevere.

    Accepting the reality of your starting point and recognizing your progress and difficulties will be essential for your success.

    Every creation around you went through plateau and regression phases at specific points. That’s the reason why going after our dreams is fulfilling.

    Get over the obstacles, and you get much more than the temporary pleasure of watching a Netflix series.

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