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How to lead effectively in your life and business?

Leadership is crucial in both your personal life and business life especially if you’re an Entrepreneur.

You’re faced with the responsibility of managing yourself, family and your team, making key decisions that can make or mar your business and taking your business to the next level.

What habits makes this process smoother?

9 ways to bring out the leader in you?

    1. Take Responsibility

    Realize that each decision you make comes with its consequences.

    How do you take responsibility as a leader?

    • Take necessary action: Take a peek at the world's most prosperous businessmen and women - they are those who make decisions and act on them.
    • Be consistent: methods and tactics come and go, but leadership will always be consistent
    • Start managing your time better
    • Quit blaming others for your actions
    • Choose the caliber and kind of people you associate with
    • Take control over your emotions
    • Let go of habits that no more serve you

    2. Have a clear vision

    As a leader you got to be clear with your vision:

    Here’s the vision of WinRoad: “Help Entrepreneurs stay healthy while pursuing their goals, have higher energy and maintain their focus in life”

    I help clients

    • Stay healthy on a busy schedule
    • Recover from burnout
    • Discover their purpose & meaning to gain clarity in life

    3. Think Long-term

    One thing I noticed about leadership is that people are willing to play the long-game in things they care about.

    As a leader – reassess everything you do and start making steps that would serve you long-term.

    The reward from things you build while having a long-term mindset cannot be compared to those you get from short-term thinking.

    They’re more wholistic and fulfilling.

    Don't allow any success get to your head or any form of failure keep you down.

    When you see people that do things strictly for the instant gratification – most likely they’re in just for the dopamine reward and “success.” They’ll likely quit when times get tough.

    “The magic is doing the simple things repeatedly and long enough to ignite the miracle of the compound effect.” – Darren Hardy

    4. The Science of Decision Making:

    While we need to devote time to thinking because it allows us to ponder our plans, actions, and decisions:

    Develop a system for making sound decisions quickly and efficiently.

    As a leader, when you make a decision, what part of you is making the decision?

    Is it the fearful part of you?

    Or the part of you that wants to expand, grow and rise?⁣

    Remember that indecision kills.

    And decisiveness grows with each decisions.

    5. Focus on Service

    The true definition of a leader is one that serves.

    True leaders are not people that boast of having people under them they can look down on or intimidate using any form of title or ranks.

    People follow you based on the service you have or are known to provide for them.

    Benefits of seeing yourself as one “called to serve” include: naturally attracting high quality clients, people that want to respect and follow you and big results in your life and business.

    6. The Art of Influence:

    Leadership is about influence. Before you can influence others you gotta take responsibility for your own life.

    Learn how to gain trust and respect from others through the power of Influence.

    7. Believe in others

    Leadership is a lonely journey. Yet you want to carry others along while you partake in this journey.

    Start believing in others and let them shine and even do better than you with time.

    The best leaders I know have built powerful teams and impacted in so many others lives that they literally cannot forget them.

    Its evident in how you correct team members when they make mistakes.

    Every word you speak, action you take reflects whether you believed in them from the start.

    8. The Path to Purpose:

    Uncover what drives you and use it to become an effective leader.

    Make it your life's purpose to be the best you can at what you do.

    You must identify your purpose in life and make a clear plan for your future.

    9. The Power of authenticity:

    Leadership is not about fronting!

    Lead with confidence by being your true self.

    You don't gain more respect by faking to be who you're not ...rather you set yourself up for failure.

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