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How to limit your alcohol intake?

We all know why we should eat healthily, cut out alcohol and smoking and generally live a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes it's easier said than done.

At first I decided to quit “soft drinks.” Quitting meant so much for me as I wondered why I never thought it had any serious impact on my health.

I grew up with non-drinking parents who limited sweetened drinks as a result of their age but allowed it for their kids.

So I always thought – you should wait until you’re 40+ to start giving thought on what you put in your body.

Personally I've never had any addiction with alcohol - mostly because i'm super protective of my Energy levels and who i hang around with.

The last time i "overdrank" alcohol - i swore not to let it happen again. Since then its been easier for me to pass or decline drinking invitations by just living with the consciousness and intention of how i want to feel over how i felt like shit on that day.

Plus I had a poor sleep and almost missed my writing streak.

This can help anyone feeling low or struggling with why they drink, inspired by a challenge i saw from @roccodesta on cutting down alcohol as part of things learned the previous week:

    1. The social benefit of alcohol:

    We know one or two drinks with friends or on a social event would not kill you. Moderation is key here.

    You can have fun without being sloppy drunk or passed out.

    And for sleep quality - no coffee after noon and no alcohol at least four hours before bed improves sleep dramatically.

    2. Culture and peer pressure are the biggest influence of alcohol.

    People drink more in college and when they hang out with certain friends.

    We live in a world where you'll get more shit for refusing alcohol than you would for drinking it. - Dan Go.

    3. Using drinking as an escape mechanism is where it starts getting toxic.

    Nothing can be effective in hiding the real you or pain you feel inside– not drugs, alcohol, women or anything you could think.

    It doesn’t benefit anyone to use their money or stuff like alcohol to cover up hurt or pain they’ve been carrying for so long.

    Limiting stress levels, healing childhood traumas and broken belief systems is hard but a must if you want to truly live a life of freedom.

    Here’s how Coach Angelica Allen puts here story:

    "I was a borderline alcoholic and a complete workaholic before cancer. No I am not proud to say that. Before cancer I had a trouble relationship with work. I used work to get my “stress high” and my “worth”
    At the time it was all I knew. Being stressed all the time. Then to counterbalance the stress, I used alcohol to calm me down. What a great combo. I was the kid who could smoke cigarettes when I wanted. I could use drugs when I wanted too (I tried a few of them in my time but never really liked them). So yes alcohol was my thing. And no my relationship with alcohol wasn’t healthy. And everyday I would come home thinking about that drink. That “saving” drink. That feeling of being numb”
    “The hardest thing about change is admitting what you are doing is not serving you.” - Angelica Alen.

    4. Cut out Bad Company

    If you eliminate bad company and surround yourself with the right people you decrease your chances of getting intoxicated with alcohol.

    For me - Bad company is any group of friends that don’t tell you the truth or tolerate your excesses.

    Sometimes the company you keep is the most toxic thing in your life but its the hardest to see.

    There are people right now who are still wondering what you can be doing with your life on any weekend?

    Sounds like a good question but is dumb for most of us that hardly drink.

    Make you personality and lifestyle go beyond alcohol, clubbing, sex, weed or cigarettes.

    5. Staying Sober has full benefits

    You can quit cold turkey if you wish to.

    And you get the full benefits of staying sober which includes mental clarity and focus than trying to limit how much you drink.

    6. Health benefits of limiting alcohol

    Alcohol on its own like so many “junk food” has no big nutritional benefit.

    In short the fermented grain is not as friendly to your system as you think – according to studies “increases intestinal permeability which has been associated with autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis”

    That’s why you may notice when you drink how alcohol affects your joints.

    I've seen studies where they say it increases insulin sensitivity in moderation.

    Plus increased lifespan for people that use it for the social benefit.

    7. Alcohol poisoning is a real thing.

    There was this video on TikTok of a 21 year old that passed away. Apparently it was her birthday, she was with friends, took 21 shots of raw white rum & it killed her.

    High levels in the brain ➡ shuts down critical areas that control breathing, heart rate, body temperature ➡death (if too high levels/untreated)

    When people refuse alcohol at any hangout, event or night out - just listen to them and leave it.

    They don't owe you or anyone else an explanation.

    8. Overdrinking affects your priorities and results in life

    Think of how you can you maximize your Energy, money, Relationships and goals in life.

    E.g. you notice when people stop drinking, start eating clean and working out… they start reconsidering what they do with their money and energy.

    Even if you still drink moderately you realize that hangovers prevent you from getting a good workout and proper recovery let alone mental clarity or focus.

    No one wants to undo their hard work by just wasting money with sugar and alcohol e.g spend 2 hours working out just to mess it up with one doughnut.

    The unsettling truth is that most people's drug addictions prevent them from achieving their goals, with alcohol being by far the most popular drug and dream killer.

    9. Regain Control of your Obsessions

    You can channel any obsession e.g. drugs, porn, alcohol, video games into a good addiction

    Im talking about healthy ones like exercise, good food, writing, art, creating, etc which can be life changing and impact others around you.

    The point and tough question is - will you use your addictions or let them use you?

    So many Creators, Artists, athletes are addicted to the feeling they get after creating something, a hard workout etc. .

    We’re obsessed with feeling good in mind body and spirit

    Coach Becca puts hits the nail on the head with replacing your toxic habits with better ones:

    The biggest thing people get stuck with is they don’t replace their ritual of drinking alcohol with empowering alternatives. Drinking alcohol is a ritual that our society does at the end of the evening, or when getting together with friends, to socialize, connect and relax. If you don’t create several empowering alternatives, you will feel unhappy, and it will be difficult to stop drinking. Instead, create rituals that brings you joy, fun and excitement to replace the old disempowering ones.

    10. Some tips on drinking less

    • Drink Water - Drinking water in between alcoholic beverages will help to pace yourself and fill you up so you don't drink as much.
    • Set a Limit: Decide how many drinks you will have before you even start drinking and stick to that number.
    • Drink slowly - it helps you become more mindful - why you're drinking and sticking to a limit.
    • Eat food throughout the night to help slow down the absorption of alcohol.
    • Avoid drinking games: Drinking games encourage you to drink more than you would normally drink.


    Realize that life can be great and rewarding without alcohol and you can accelerate your personal growth and journey without it.

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