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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Be Independent - 10 Insights

Conflicting - being in conflict, collision, or opposition: incompatible conflicting theories.

Being fully independent has nothing to do with time and space. It's much deeper than that.

    1. All misery comes from dependency.

    All misery is associated with the ego. All joy is associated with the spirit.

    The payoff of an egoic mind is dependency, pain, suffering, guilt, and misery.

    Freedom is foreign to the ego.

    2. The world of perception is a cumulation of noisy waste products of unhealthy minds.

    The world is noisy, everybody has an opinion but who's talking about anything of substance?

    The world is a perpetual state of the "pursuit of more" and the more they get, the more they want.

    The ego's thought system is just a trap.

    3. Stay unlabeled and unbound.

    Labeling and being a part of any group, club, or religion is to uphold a belief in separation.

    The more you separate the more you'll find that needs separation.

    An infinite being can't be bound and labeled - only the body.

    United We Stand or Divided We Fall.

    4. Don't even rebel, because that's reacting.

    What you think happened didn't so there's nothing to rebel against.

    If there were something to rebel against it would be yourself.

    Are your buttons pushed so easily?

    Why would you attack your brother or your sister who is no different from you?

    You only have one of two choices, to be kind or unkind, to yourself and your brother.

    An unhealed mind is an unhealed mind whether or not you're in your body or not.

    5. Dogs bark. People speak.

    We live in a world of perception not knowledge. True knowledge is beyond the world of form.

    Be like a lighthouse that stands in the harbor.

    A lighthouse doesn't run up and down the river saying "use me, use me". It stands silently trusting that the people who need it to find their way safely to shore will use it and those that don't - won't.

    Learn to be indifferent about others' actions or opinions because you are the one who is given it all the meaning that they have.

    6. Don't believe anything anyone says.

    To shift from belief to knowing is always experiential.

    Experience trumps everything.

    Life's lessons are not intellectual assignments.

    A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.

    Your experience trumps your mind's opinion.

    7. Decide everything is your fault.

    Accept 100% responsibility for everything because it's in your space.

    If it's in your space it has a right to be there - because it's there.

    If you make a decision that everything is your fault you get to decide what you're going to do about it which may include doing nothing but noticing.

    If you say that it's his fault or her fault you've just made yourself right and someone else wrong.

    If you see others as prey you won't like the harvest.

    Either both of us are innocent or we're both guilty.

    It's my fault and I take 100% responsibility for what I believe to have occurred.

    8. Change yourself and you change the world.

    Your world won't change until you change yourself.

    Your world is an out-picturing of your innermost thoughts and beliefs.

    When you put your world together, your world changes.

    9. Be a nomadic minimalist to break dependencies on stuff.

    The pursuit of more is always at a cost of your peace.

    The pursuit of more can't give you what you already have.

    The pursuit of more can't give you what you seek.

    Dependency on more stuff is going to be the "death" of you.

    10. You can laugh at the hysteria of the crowd, and learn from it too.

    You can learn from the hysteria of your own mind and learn from it too.

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