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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Create- 12 Insights

    1. Get every idea out of your head and into reality.

    Ideas have a shelf life. Fewer idea generators and more idea implementors.

    2. Don't wait for inspiration. Inspiration will never make the first move.

    Nothing happens until you make a move.

    Do something. Say something. Change something.

    3. Do your work every day, no matter what.

    If you're doing it every day I trust that it's something you love to do. If not, go do what you absolutely love for God's sake.

    If you're not happy, you're barking up the wrong tree.

    4. Suspend all judgment when creating.

    You can't get it wrong.

    It only gets better.

    Judging your work or yourself is an awful feeling.

    5. Most of what you make will be fertilizer for the few that turn out great.

    You don't get to decide what works. You do have a vote in the input - the process.

    Learn how to connect the dots.

    Don't be attached to an outcome.

    6. Creativity is a magic coin.

    The more "at bats" you have the more creative you become.

    The world is your creative playground but you still have to come outside and play.

    7. Embrace what's weird about you, use it to create.

    Art's not perfect, but maybe you can make it work?

    Flawless people don't need to make art.

    8. Create questions not answers.

    Know-it-alls have all the answers.

    Creative people are lost in the wonder of what could be - bubbling with questions.

    9. You send important messages to those that can hear it.

    What you create is only for the eyes that recognize its beauty.

    10. The public comments won't affect you, since they will be about your past work.

    The comments from the masses have a right to exist. They have no inherent power unless you decide to plug them in.

    This is the "risk" that you will undoubtedly face when you decide to make art.

    11. Collect ideas in a crowd. Create in silence and solitude.

    The crowd is used for inspiration. The silence is used to put your own spin on it.

    12. Forget the view outside your window. Focus on the view inside your head.

    What you see outside of your window is a mirror image of what's in your head.

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