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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Learn - 10 Insights

    1. The biggest obstacle to learning is assuming you already know.

    Please return when your cup is empty.


    2. The easiest person to fool is yourself.

    What most people give their attention to is fools' gold.

    “I have met the enemy, it is I” Alexander the Great.

    3. In mystery stories, the first suspect is not the culprit.

    What you believe to be true is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

    Your ego is a cleverly executed trick of deception.

    You shot and killed the wrong guy.

    4. When you're really learning, you'll feel stupid and vulnerable - like a hermit crab between two shells.

    Most would rather intellectualize and analyze than practice.

    It's only through experience that you will know that what I say is true for you.

    Opt for the experience and observe the welcomed changes in your life.

    5. What scares you, go do it. Then it won't scare you anymore.

    The fruit is always out on the limb.

    6. Don't be consistent with your past self. Only idiots never change their minds.

    A young boy goes for a walk every morning. His neighbor, an old man, has a dog that howls non-stop. Every day that the young boy walks by the old man's house the dog is always howling.

    The young boy thinks that the dog is just going through a phase, so he ignores the howls, thinking the dog will eventually stop howling but the dog continues to howl.

    One day the young boy just can't stand it anymore so he walks over to his neighbor’s house to see what is going on. As the young boy approaches the porch the dog is sitting on the front porch, howling pitifully to whoever is walking by.

    On the other hand, his neighbor is sitting on his bench in the front yard, leisurely reading his newspapers and sipping a cup of coffee.

    The young boy introduces himself and says, "Is this your dog by any chance? It’s been howling non-stop?”

    The old man replies, "Oh yes he is. Sorry about the howls, I hope they are not bothering you."

    The young boy asks, “Why does he keep howling?”

    The old man, Well… that’s because he’s sitting on a nail.”

    The young boy, quite bewildered, “Sitting on a nail?” Why doesn’t he just get up off the nail?”

    The old takes a sip of his coffee before answering the young boy, "He doesn’t find it painful enough yet.”

    7. Whatever scares you, go do it. Then it won't scare you anymore.

    All fear is ultimately a fear of death.

    Egos are death sentences.

    8. Whatever you hate, get to know it. Then you won't hate it anymore.

    Isn't it pitiful that you believe that God would create anything that you would hate?

    Hate, envy, and jealousy sound like ego tricks to me.

    9. Learning leaves a trail of little deaths.

    Laying to rest past programming that doesn't serve you sounds like a great plan. What do you think?

    10. Don't expect to just look it up when you need it. Integrate it into how you think.

    You're not upset for the reason you think.

    Forgiveness is not pardoning, it's a release.

    Until you go within, you'll go without.

    The world has nothing of value to offer you.

    Show a little willingness to have a shift in perception.

    Those that are hurting, hurt others.

    Treat everyone that you encounter as if they're hurting because they usually are.

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