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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Make Change- 12 Insights

    1. Look for what's ugly: ugly systems, ugly rules, ugly traditions, ugly thoughts and beliefs. Look for what bothers you.

    If you can fix it, do it now.

    Otherwise, aim lower until you find something you can do now.

    Complaining has no reward.

    2. Sometimes you don't know what to add, but you know what to remove.

    If you don't know what to remove here are some ideas:

    Remove fear, anger, jealousy, envy, attack, and guilt. This is a great start.

    3. Don't worship your heroes or idols.

    Even the least among you can do that which they have done, even greater.

    4. A great post can do the work of a thousand soldiers.

    An invitation to change your mind and heart so that you begin to see everyone as innocent can have more impact than making a million dollars.

    5. When unhappy people are angry at what you said, you're doing it right.

    Unhappy people seek one thing over everything else - more unhappiness.

    6. To live a praise-worthy life, make a difference, and answer your calling, you have to make a change.

    Difference refers to what's changed.

    If you don't notice any difference in your life it hasn't changed.

    If you're waiting for other people to change so you can change, good luck with that.

    7. Creativity comes from shaking things up. People that were left out of the old game can get in early on the new game.

    The old energy of attack and ridicule of others have come to pass. That is so passé.

    The new vibe that's catching on like wildfire is love, connection, peace, and harmony. It's the only path worth pursuing.

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