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How To Live -27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion - Derek Sivers - Reinvent Yourself Regularly- 4 Insights

    1. What you call your personality is just a past tendency.

    Your personality is being made up by you and it changes by the moment. One day you're a college student and next year you're the CEO of a startup. Is that really what you are?

    2. There is no line between moments in time.

    Your identity. Your meanings. Your trama. They're all made up.

    You're creating the plot and the story. If not you, then who?

    3. You're an ongoing event - a daily improvisation - responding to the situation of the moment.

    You are defining this moment. Whatever you choose to call it - that's it. It will never be different for you until you're willing to redefine it.

    Never believe in or retell a disempowering story. Who does your sad story serve anyway?

    4. Your past self needs to step down, like a previous president, to let the new you run the show.

    Your past is already gone its just waiting for you to catch up.

    Cut all common threads to the past.

    Keep nothing permanent.

    Remain a blank canvas.

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