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How to Make a List: Jay Edition

This is how I come up with what list I want to make, and how I make it! The motto is No Pressure!

    1. Be mindful of your surrounding

    Sometimes, you find your inspiration at places that you never thought you could find. On your daily walk, in a cafe, bathroom, or kitchen!

    2. Don't sweat

    Sometimes, you just need to let the inspiration flow. Usually, the list comes when you're the most relaxed. However, that doesn't mean you need to nap for it. Just sit outside the porch, and start sipping tea. When the tea flow, your brain flow.

    3. Be curious

    Sometimes, you just need to be curious, and ridiculous. You look at the TV, and you ask yourself, how does TV work? How did the pictures get here? So you start researching, and eventually, you have your list.

    4. Start with something easy and fun

    Your list doesn't have to always be educational. It could be something that you find funny or ridiculous. Or it could be your favorite alphabet. You can start by doing list like:
    1. My favorite Alphabet
    2. My favorite language,
    3. My favorite numbers,
    4. What can you do in the bathroom,
    and so on..!

    5. Peek at other people list

    I am not a fan of looking at other people's works before creating my own. However, you can skim through them or peek at them. So you get an idea of how yours should be! The entire world, is a big remix of something else.

    6. Just do it!

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