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How to make changes in your life

I'm in this process right now. Think we are always searching to get better or improve in different areas (health, money/business, family/relationships, happiness)

How to make changes in your life

    1. You CANNOT crush it in everything

    Maybe the people writing books, posting on twitter/youtube can be perfect everywhere. I HIGHLY doubt this. I've never seen anyone crush it in 4 areas of life I listed in the headline (health, money/business, family/relationships, happiness). Something will suffer. It's a balancing act.

    2. What area(s) are you willing to sacrifice?

    If you want to be a professional athlete, you will focus so much time at your craft and health that you will likely be exhausted later in the day to spend quality time with family/friends. You won't be able to go out and party with friends. You might need to watch what you eat. If you want to be a great parent (go to every activity your kid is doing, spend time with them after they are done with school, pick them up/drop them off everywhere), how are you going to have time to grow a business or be in elite shape to out-kick all your competition?

    3. Feel some REAL pain

    I don't think people change unless they have some REAL trauma or pain. Something they want to avoid again. If you are a drug addict, you likely have to hit rock bottom in some way before you want to change. Either you almost die, or someone close to you abandons you. Gives you an ultimatum. If you are out of shape or anorexic, but it doesn't really affect your life, it's hard to make meaningful changes. Maybe someone comments about your weight, or you have a health scare. These sort of experiences can make you turn the corner.

    4. One big change at a time

    It's really hard to make multiple massive, positive changes at once. Again, I've rarely/never seen it or are aware of it. It usually puts too much stress on someone and when you inevitably slack in one area, you get down on yourself and maybe quit. Get something going and then once it is part of your routine, you can move on to the next big thing.

    5. Consistency Wins

    1 long run a week (20 miles), will not yield the same positive results as 4 days where you run 5 miles. Habits are built out of consistency. Eat well 5/6 days a week. Going for a walk is better than sitting on the couch. Going to the gym and doing a light workout is better than not going at all. Spending 10 quality minutes with your child beats nothing. Calling a friend for 5 minutes is better than not calling at all.

    6. Get on autopilot

    When you first learned how to drive, it was a grind. It wasn't easy. You really had to pay attention. Or ride a bike. Now, no one really thinks about it. Once you have built a new habit, you won't even think about eating healthy, or going to the gym. Or, certain parts of the business or job that used to be quite difficult, are now easy for you. It frees your mind/energy up to upgrade elsewhere.

    7. It's ok to fall off the horse

    Treat yourself like you would a friend. If they lost 20 pounds and then gained 7, you'd tell them it's still a great effort. Get back on track and they can lose 25. If someone's business is slacking a bit, but still very profitable, you wouldn't tell them to shut the doors, just start calling some new customers again.

    8. Schedule

    Find time for important things and schedule them. "Spin class is 6pm MWF." "I make phone calls to new customers TTH from 9-11am." "I take my son to every home basketball that he plays in."

    9. Combine Things

    Want to get in shape and spend more time with your spouse? Walk/run/workout with them. Cook together. I do know a lot of successful business people that bring their family with them on many of their business trips. Sure, they can't spend the whole time with them, but if the trip is in a cool place, everyone can win.

    10. Quit

    If you find that you don't like a certain diet, quit. Don't like a certain gym? Find another one. Don't want to grow your business anymore? Sell it. Start a different one. Life is short. Move on.

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