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How to make money online

This is for my own use. So far, I have used only two of those opportunities.

    1. Offer a service on Upwork or Fiverrr

    For example: web design, graphics design, consulting, copywriting, translations, SEO

    2. Upload designs to print on demand platforms

    Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, redbubble

    3. Create an interesting website

    Monetize it with affiliate links, ask for donations, sell your own digital products

    4. Grow a YouTube channel

    5. Review products

    Publish product reviews on a blog or a YouTube channel. Place affiliate links in the description.

    6. Create a web shop with shopify

    Buy large quantities of a very cheap product, for example toothbrushes, tea, coffee beans

    7. Buy on flea markets, sell online

    Sell on eBay or etsy

    8. Sell your own art

    Make paintings or figurines. Sell them on eBay or etsy. Show in YouTube videos how you made them.

    9. Create an app for Android or iOS

    10. Write books for kindle and KDP (or ebooks)

    Useful information (computer related how-tos), picture books, notebooks, short novels

    11. Create a course for Udemy

    12. Create a social network with paid membership

    For example a dating website or a community for language learners

    13. Stock photos

    14. Create an information product

    For example specific job offers in a region. Daily updated. Email them to subscribers.

    15. Develop plugins or themes for WordPress

    16. A Website that can perform a specific analysis

    A full horoscope with a diagram to print or possible careers.

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