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How to make someone quickly fall in love with you

So first you need to get the person to fall in love with you and then you need to keep them in love with you. Some of the skills for the first translate to the second, but the second is definitely a longer and more in depth process.

Also, in the process of making someone fall in love with you, you will find out if you want to fall in love with them. It can be tricky. If they fall in love with you and you are really not that interested you could be breaking their heart and then they might hate you.

You need to communicate your own truth each step of the way. And sometimes that truth can be brutal, but it necessary for your own good.

These tips apply both ways for men and women. Society need to reverse more of these gender roles. Men need to be a little more sensitive and women need to be a little more tough.

Here is what you can do to make someone fall in love with you:


    1. Look good

    You do not need to be Brad Pitt. But we do live in a visual society men and women. Just look at the Kardashians, there is a reason they are the most popular women in the world.

    Wear attractive clothing and keep yourself groomed.

    The other person need to visual themselves in a relationship with you right from the start, the more attractive you are the easier it will be for them to see a future with you.

    2. Have a career or job or money

    You do not need to be a millionaire, although that really really helps, but you do need to earn money and have your own thing going on that makes you interesting.

    The more interesting the career the more someone will find you attractive. Now let’s get to the good stuff that will really make someone fall for you.

    3. Ask lots of questions

    The first date. The other person should talk way more than you and you should be taking mental notes. Ask lots of questions. If you are asking them lots of questions and actively listening, they will immediately start seeing a future with you. The more you actively listen and ask them deeper questions the more interested they will become. You can talk about the basics of yourself, but you should do very little talking, let them talk.

    4. Be proactive

    No one is going to fall in love with you if you don’t call them back. You should follow up with the person constantly. At the end of the first date ask them for a second date. Plan out different things to do with the person. They don’t need to be fancy dinners, in fact it actually helps more if you vary the dates. Go for a hike, grab coffee, go to a concert. You need to be one planning the future with this person.

    5. Keep asking questions

    Every time you meet with the person ask them more questions. Ask them about their opinions on everything, religion, family, children, travel, work, Instagram etc. The more info you get the more you will know if you want to fall in love with that person.

    6. Give them a gift. One gift

    Not 10 and not a diamond necklace. Just something that will indicate that you were thinking about them. Again, this gift is really about the future. You are telling the person that this is the beginning of a relationship where you value the other person and want to make them happy.

    7. Family

    I ask about family on the first date, their current parents and if they think they want children. I just need to know where they stand, there is no judgement. But finding out about their current family is another step in the process of becoming your own family.

    Do they want to get married?
    Do they want to have children?
    Are they divorced?
    Are they on good terms with their parents?

    These are all questions that indicate you are thinking about a future with them.

    8. Humor

    Full disclosure. I am not very funny. I have never been able to tell a hilarious story with a punchline. But if you are funny and can make the other person laugh they will fall in love with way faster. They can see a lifetime of laughs with you.

    9. Connector

    This is how you will find your dates. Always be connecting your friends together. I’m not talking about blind dates, in fact the opposite. Set up friend dinners. Set up going to a concert. Set up meeting for drinks.

    Introduce your date to other people in your life and they will fall more in love with you. Or they will hate the people in your life and immediately fall out of love with and that is a good thing. You do not want a person that is going to silo you off from the rest of society.

    10. Don’t stop

    Don’t stop doing these things till they are in love with you or move on.

    Remember these things when you find your person and get into a long relationship. These tips work even when you hit a rough patch.

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