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How to meet new people

This list is mostly for me. I recently moved to Nashville and I don't know anyone in this city. If anyone has any ideas, please message me, or if you'd like to add to this list or if you think this list is great and want to congratulate me, feel free to message me. Thanks!

    1. Join CrossFit or BJJ

    A good way to get jacked and also to meet other hot jacked people you could potentially bone or just feel glad to be in the presence of.

    2. Look through Meetup

    It's been a hit or miss for me. Personally, I hate going through the internet. It's like the biggest mall in the world with strip clubs around every corner that you try to ignore, but get sucked into for hours and then you forget why you want to the mall in the first place

    3. Volunteer (walk dogs)

    Another way to meet the ladies, although not great for me because I am allergic. God hates me. But on the other hand, when I'm crying while walking a dog, I think I could frame it as I'm just a sweet guy who is in touch with my emotions.

    4. Work another job

    Good way to make more money, which I love. Yo, if you have a lot of money and hate that fact, hit me up, I'll take that sweet, sweet money off your hands.

    5. Take a class

    Learn a skill. Women love a skillful man. Maybe there is a love-making class in Nashville. Nah, probably only in LA. But still, learn something you like and meet cool people who also want to advance themselves in their lives.

    6. Stand-up

    It's fun to do, sometimes, and you meet some weirdos, some cool, some annoying. A quick and easy way to make friends, but maybe not the best way to meet the close friendships that I want.

    7. Dating apps or friendship apps

    Joining an app to make friends feels a little weird to me. Although, I did have the idea to join grindr. But I was going to tell the gay dudes I'm straight, I'm just looking for a gay dude to be like a wing man for me. Women do love gay dudes for some reason. My friends are split on this being a bad idea and a good idea. I think this will be a last resort idea.

    8. Explore the world of (Whatever interest you. In my case, guns)

    I was thinking of buying a gun. I am in the south after all. So, it might be useful to find people who are also interested in the same subject I want to explore more of.

    9. Facebook

    I don't know, go on facebook and type in events and shit and be like, who the fuck wants to hang out and be my friend?

    10. Drug Dealer

    The sad face of reality is sometimes it sucks. But thankfully, God supplied the world with drugs that people can use to talk to God and tell him what a fucking asshole he is to his face. Anyway, there is always the middle man, the shaman who gathers the drugs and gives them to people. And you can be cool and give them away for free or less cool and get paid. Either way, you're meeting new people!

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