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How To Money Videos I Am Going To Make

Started making YouTube videos again and am going to make a bunch of 'How To' videos.

    1. How to automate your investments

    Setting up automated investments is one of the most important things you can do to build your wealth over time. Most people are employees and receive a regular paycheck.

    Invest a portion of your paycheck into the assets that are going to meet your long term goals.

    2. How to invest $1,000

    It is really important to create a strong financial foundation. This starts with investing your first $1,000.

    Invest for long term success.

    Create your long term financial plan.

    3. How to invest $10,000

    Your on a roll.

    4. How to invest $100,000

    You are becoming rich.

    5. How to invest in a ROTH IRA

    Grow your investment tax free

    6. How to avoid financial disaster

    Wealth preservation over growth.

    7. How to invest in stocks for beginners

    We all start somewhere. Do not be afraid to ask questions and learn new information.

    8. How to choose the right dividend stocks

    Cash flow is kind. Invest in assets that pay you to hold them. Pick the right ones that will pay you forever and increase those payouts over time.

    9. How to invest in crypto

    The next financial wave is already here. Crypto has been hit hard recently, but there is still a lot of opportunity to make money.

    Choose the platform, businesses, coins etc.

    10. How to choose the right index fund

    Index funds are low cost and diversified, but they are not created equal. Find the ones that fit your values and goals. And the ones that have the lowest fees and will give appropriate returns.

    11. How to invest in growth stocks

    Growth is the future and can take your portfolio balance to new heights, but it is also a bumpy and risky ride.

    12. How to get out of debt

    First learn the difference between good debt and bad debt. Basically purchasing assets that will provide cash flow.

    Get out of personal debt so that you have more money to invest in the stock market.

    13. How to invest like Warren Buffett

    Buffett has a very specific style of investing. He is an active stock picker that claims to pick 'value' stocks, but his definition of value has shifted over the years.

    I do not know if I would consider Bank of America value, but Buffett does. You can easily copy his investment portfolio, but not his exact trades.

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