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Nicola Fisher


How to prepare for house guests

    1. Spring clean the house

    We clean every week but when we have guests we Spring clean the house to within an inch of its life!

    2. Fresh bedding and towels

    I have guest towels and bedding specifically for visitors.

    3. Food shop

    It's always like feeding the 5000. I never know how much to buy and we always end up with food leftover once the guests have gone home. Great for us for the following week!

    4. Plan visits

    I create a list of places they might like to visit during their stay.

    5. Provide WiFi access

    I used to have a laminated page with details on how to connect to the WiFi and how to use the Alexa.

    6. Nice soap in the bathroom

    I always put a new bar of soap out for guests.

    7. Plenty of loo roll!

    And make sure there is sufficient loo roll.

    8. Tea and coffee

    If guests get up early in the morning, I make sure they can make themselves drinks and breakfast.

    9. Television in the room

    We have a much smaller guest bedroom now so there's no room for a TV. But, when we had guests stay at our old house, there was a TV and kettle in the room for them.

    10. Be prepared

    I'm not a huge fan of house guests or staying in other people's homes. It's always better and more enjoyable than I imagine but I do have to get myself into the right mindset.

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