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How To Re-Invent Yourself Like P. Diddy

The 10 Names of P. Diddy and My Idea For an 11th that you are gonna love @jamesaltucher


    1. Puffy - In the 90’s this was his stage name.

    As a kid he would huff and puff and lose his temper, garnering him the nickname 'Puffy'

    2. Puff Daddy

    In 1996 he changed his stage name to Puff Daddy

    3. P. Diddy

    After he released 'No Way Out' and 'Forever' Biggie Smalls named him P Diddy in 2001

    4. Diddy

    He noticed his fans weren't calling out P Diddy during his live shows, because the P made it harder, so he lost the P and called himself Diddy

    5. Back to P. Diddy

    By 2005 he went back to calling himself P Diddy because a DJ named Diddy sued him for releasing music under the name Diddy because he was releasing music under that name already.

    6. Sean John

    The artist used his first and middle name to name his clothing brand Sean John

    7. ‘Swag’ was his next name

    8. Back to Calling Himself Puff Daddy

    9. ‘Love’ is what he legally changed his name to, in 2021, or Sean Love Combs

    He thought this would bring him a whole new vibe in 2021.

    10. Back to Diddy

    In 2022 on The Ellen Show he said he was content with the name 'Diddy'

    11. Since it’s NotePD @JamesAltucher I thought he should Re-Invent himself as NotePDiddy!🙂

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