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How to Spend $30 Million Dollars in 30 Days

Thanks for the fun idea, @BillBergeman!

How to Spend $30 Million Dollars in 30 Days

    1. Offer a bunch of airlines companies a few million dollars for an unlimited ticket for you + at least one other person

    Mark Cuban did this when he sold his first company. I think there was an airline offering unlimited flights for $100,000 but they stopped doing it. Some of them might agree to it if you're willing to pay way more.

    2. Book a large number of very expensive Airbnbs for long stays

    And then you can just let other people stay there. I don't know whether Airbnb would be cool with this.

    3. Buy a few expensive houses

    I've never bought a house. Would the process take longer than 30 days?

    4. Buy a bunch of very expensive cars to give away to friends, family, and random people

    5. Book long stays in some of the most expensive hotels in the world

    You could stay in them yourself or you could book them for other people. The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine in St. Lucia allegedly costs around $250,000 per night (some other sources say 150k, maybe it got more expensive). Other hotels cost 100k per night or 50k per night. If you can book 300 nights in various hotels at an average of 100k per night, that's $30M.

    This idea is very similar to #2, so I'll write an 11th idea instead of my usual ten.

    6. Buy a yacht

    Would that take longer than 30 days?

    7. Buy a jet

    Same question.

    8. Buy an island - or several

    Same question again. Maybe it's a long process?

    9. Give 30 million dollars to charity


    10. Fund a few movies - become a producer!

    I heard Charlie Kaufman was struggling to find funding for one of his movie projects (this was maybe a year ago).

    11. Get it all in cash and give it away to people

    Based on my Google search, a briefcase can hold about one or two million dollars. You could give them away to random strangers, leave them at people's doors (which would be fun because people would freak out and think it's some sort of test), or just ask "Who needs a lot of money right now?" on social media.

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