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How to stay creative and write unique content?

    1. I actively hunt Inspiration.

    Sometimes it sneaks up and bops me on the head, but often it is me searching with all my senses and being open to what I'm receiving.

    2. Understand that it is work.

    At least for me.

    3. Schedule time. But be flexible.

    I try to set aside a specific time of day to work on whatever creative project I'm currently undertaking. Otherwise, nothing ever gets finished. BUT I also try to remain open to hopping on the inspiration train and going for a ride as it blows through.

    4. Feel free to borrow.

    One of my best sources for lists I write here are other Noters. I read as many as I can and often I get inspired that way.

    5. Exercise your creativity.

    Like any other muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Like any other skill, persistent practice increases performance.

    6. Have more than one project.

    This is dangerous ground for me. It is too easy to start something that never gets finished. But I find that when I'm stuck, or bored, or I'm forcing a project too hard, it is time to stop, step back, and let it breathe for a while. It may help to re-focus on another piece for a little bit. This reset can also happen if you have a "day job" that doesn't tax or require your creative energy. Work hard at that job and then pick up the creative again.

    7. Get out of the House.

    The more experiences you have, the more fuel you're adding to your creative engine.

    8. Make sure your piece has YOUR voice in it.

    We are all individuals. We think, see, and experience life in different ways. As long as your writings or other pieces have your voice and point of view, they are guaranteed to be unique.

    9. Read more.

    10. Accept that some days inspiration is playing hooky.

    That's OK.

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