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How to stay creative and write unique content?

How do you manage to stay creative and write a unique content every single day?

    1. Variety

    Try to write in different styles and genres. For instance, I started a blog about writing called “Write Now” but I also write for my investing site, “Investing for Humans” and my comedy site, “Humans are Not Dinosaurs”.

    2. Read a lot

    Try to read at least one book a week. This will expose you to new ideas and ways of thinking that you can use in your own writing.

    3. Sleep!

    Get enough sleep so that you are fully rested when you wake up.

    4. Don't censor yourself!

    Don't worry about what people will think. Write the most honest thing you can right now. And then go on to the next idea or thought or story or whatever it is that you want to write about next.

    5. Be honest!

    This is similar to the last point but not quite the same thing. When people write memoirs they often leave out details so as not to offend people they were close with during an important time in their lives. This is understandable but it's also dishonest because if someone reads your memoir and then meets those people later they might be surprised by how much those people contradict what was written in the book about them (even though it's not intentional). In other words, don't censor yourself because of who might get offended later on down the road when your writing goes public (if it does).

    6. Read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield and "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon before starting each day's work on your creative project (or even any writing)

    Steven Pressfield wrote "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and many other books including "The Warrior Poets". He has also written several great books on creativity including "Do The Work", which I recommend highly, as well as his latest book, "The Coaching Habit". Austin Kleon is a young artist who writes some very funny articles about how he gets ideas for his art projects (he writes children's books, among other things) plus he has a great website where he posts every day something he made that day (his website is www dot humansarenotdinosaurs dot com). I've never met him but we follow each other on Twitter and we have mutual friends so I know he's real although I'm not sure if he knows who I am since we've never met in person although we're both from New York City so there's always a chance we could run into each other someday soon if we live long enough (I'm going to try hard to stay young enough for this possibility). Anyway, READ THESE TWO BOOKS EVERY DAY YOU WRITE AND YOU WILL CREATE MORE THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE AND IT WON'T EVEN FEEL LIKE A CHORE BUT RATHER A JOYOUS EXPERIENCE WHERE YOU LEARN EVERY SINGLE DAY AND GROW AS A HUMAN BEING AND AN ARTIST WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANT TO DO ANYWAY SO READ THESE TWO BOOKS EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS OF CREATIVITY AND SUCCESS IN THIS LIFESTYLE THAT WE CALL WRITING OR ART OR COMEDY OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT MAKES US FEEL ALIVE WITH HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

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