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How to stay creative and write unique content?

l don't think I  qualified to answer this but I will have a go

    1. According to better minds than mine l need to develop a daily precise when you sit down and write

    2. Be part of a group of like minded people who will encourage you. I found this when I was part of a fringe writing workshop

    3. Don't be afraid to as for help. I was struggling to get a performance piece finished so I had to reach out for help it was invaluable

    4. Get a mentor , this is really useful they can provide quantum leap's with writing techniques or with editing

    5. Experiment try out different topics or styles get out of your comfort zone or try out a different groove

    6. With the plus minus equal techniques then the element is for you as a creator to mentor others. This will allow you to hone techniques

    7. Have a safe space to create may this your creative temple

    8. Welcome the muses into your life be open to greater forces that bring those magical moments

    9. Honour the process you follow, not the results . As Steven Pressfeild states you only have your labor not the fruits of your labor

    10. Have play days as stated by Julia Cameron theses are days you set to have play they bring their own creative rewards

    11. Generate 10 ideas day by using Note PD also it provides ideas as well

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