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How To Turn 1 Idea into 27 pieces of Content

    1. Preview Video

    Create a short 5 second preview video of the idea. Go low tech & shoot video on your phone of your computer screen or use software to do it. Get your audience curious about th

    2. Preview Part 2

    Continue with this theme & talk about the idea for 15-30 seconds. Remain off screen for this & just record text version of the idea. Building up more anticipation.

    3. Expansion Video

    Next, expand on the idea & give more steps about implementing it, talk about the opportunity, and flesh out things in greater detail by making this video around 1 minute long.

    4. Instagram Story

    Turn idea into an Instagram/ FB Story. Post as story & save as image & video. Post that to all of your social media channels as needed.

    5. Instagram Reel

    Turn idea into Instagram Reel. Be creative. Use your resources. For example, I can tell my idea to my 1 year old baby & record her smiling at it. Use that as basis of the Reel. Lots of ways you can go here.

    6. Audio

    Audio only- record yourself talking about your idea on the phone. Post the audio file for people to listen.

    7. Illustration

    Convert your idea into a simple illustration. Use software to create or hire someone to create it.

    8. Canva

    Use Canva & convert your idea into an image or an MP4 that you can post all over social media. Bonus points for creating multiple supporting images that expand on original premise.

    9. Poster Board

    Write your idea on a poster board & take a picture of you holding it. Post on social.

    10. Record you writing physically

    Take a piece of paper and record yourself on your phone writing out the idea.

    11. Selfie + Idea Combo

    Take a selfie or take a photo of something cool and add a text bubble caption of the idea.

    12. Q&A Feedback

    Post idea & invite your audience to ask questions about it. Create more content based on those answers.

    13. Instagram Live

    Go live on Instagram and talk about your idea and answer questions about it. Promote your livestream before hand. Save livestream to post afterward or to dissect down smaller segments from your livestream.

    14. Write in on your driveway

    Write your idea in chalk on your driveway. Record video of it. Take photos of it.

    15. Rap or Song

    Create a quick rap or jingle of your idea and record yourself or others performing it.

    16. On Camera Teaser

    5 second preview teaser video with you on camera. Record yourself & only give teaser of idea.

    17. 20 second on camera vid

    Record 20 second on camera video of your idea.

    18. Full on camera video

    Record 1 minute on camera video where you give good details about idea.

    19. Off the cuff video

    Record “off the cuff” video & post on YouTube.

    20. iphone notepad

    Type the idea into your notepad on your phone and record yourself writing it digitally.

    21. iPhone screen shot

    Take a photo of your iPhone notepad with the idea and details written out. Post everywhere.

    22. Slideshow

    Create a slideshow in Canva of the idea fleshed out.

    23. Emojis

    Communicate the idea with just emojis. Post all over.

    24. Lip Sync

    Record yourself mouthing the idea without any audio. Post that video and have people read your lips and guess what the idea is.

    25. Twitter Thread

    Create a Twitter thread with all details of the idea.

    26. Twitter Screen Shots

    Take screen shots of those tweets and turn them into a carousel post on Instagram.

    27. Mini Podcast

    Create a mini podcast around the idea and publish it on iTunes.

    28. Bonus-- post on Notepd.com

    Post on here and watch magic happen. Be sure to tag James Altucher and let him know and other tools you mention in your post.

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