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James Altucher


How to Win at Scrabble Easily

Just knowing the first three strategies below should be good enough to beat almost everyone at Scrabble (assuming you are using the official Scrabble dictionary). With great knowledge comes great responsibility! So don't be a poor winner.

    1. Know the 2 letter words

    Most people don't realize that words like XI XU ZA QI etc are legal in the offical scrabble dictionary.

    2. Know some Q without U words

    The Q is a hard letter to get rid of. Know words like QOPH QANAT QAT CINQ etc

    3. Know SATINE

    S A T I N E are the six most common letters in Scrabble. It's worth discarding letters just to aim to get SATINE. Because almost any other letter that goes on your rack can form a 7 letter word. 7 letter words give you an extra 50 pt bonus.

    e.g. Add "E" to SATINE and you get ETESIAN (and yes, people will challenge you and lose). Add "Z" and you get ZETAINS (also a legal word.

    4. Know other stems

    SATINE is just one "stem". If you want to step it up, learn more and what 7 letter words they form when combined with the right 7th letters.

    AEIRST is one. AEINRT AEINRS etc.

    5. Get rid of J, X, Q, Z as fast as you can.

    This is why it's good to know the Q without U words (there are 47 of them btw). Also good to know simple words with X Z J. Don't hold them for long because it will reduce your chances of getting a 7 pt word.

    Also, very important, always try to use them on squares that are double-letter or triple-letter value (or triple-word).

    6. When you use an "S" always try to make at least two words.

    Since S can be the end of many words, you can put an "S" on a word already on the board and then make another word perpendicular to it (ideally on a double word score). Don't waste as S! Either use it for a 7 letter word or in the way described above.

    7. Organize the prefixes and suffixes on your rack.

    To make it easier to see what possible words you have put common suffixes (like -ING or -ED) on the right and put "un-" and "in-" on the left.

    8. ONLY use the blank tiles (the wildcard tiles) to make a 7 letter word.

    9. Learn the no-vowel words

    Words like: MM, SH, HMM, BRR, GRR, PFFT, and PSST

    10. Advanced: If you have a lot of low value letters and no 7 letter word, make parallels.

    An example of a parallel might be to put the word "AHI" right above the word "WON"

    If WON is already on the board, you can put a word like AHI over it and by doing so you've formed 4 words: AHI, AW, HO, IN.

    By using "parallels" like this it makes it harder for someone to get rid of high-value letters like J or Z.

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