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How would I "fix" US health care

How would I "fix" US health care

    1. Make primary care more of a focus

    1. expand primary care by paying physicians/APPs well

    2. support system/ ways to limit work encroachment/time consumption.

    3. pay PCP for emails/chart reviews/returning phone calls

    4. incentivize physicians to provide screening/routine care but not penalize

    5. have patients pay something small for each primary care visits$5-$25, phone calls $1-$5 etc, medications $1-$5 to have some skin in the game.

    2. limit the power of healthcare insurance companies- get rid of "prior" authorization and "surprised" visit /location bills

    1. cost is not being reduced by having "prior" authorizations. it's going to admin/health care profits

    2. increase medical associations power by engaging physicians, nurses, patients.

    3. encourage all voters engagement to pressure the "DC"

    3. Make insurance companies/medicare/medicaid/hospitals/physicians easily publish cost of "services"--> which they are suppose to do now per law but still not transparent enough

    1. simplify medical coding

    2. government publish costs of avg fees for each state/county

    4. Let physicians own/operate hospitals

    1. why can't physicians own their own hospitals?

    2. Most well run healthcare systems are now being run by "clinically" experienced administrators. straight MBAs will never fully understand to balance patient care vs. "profit"

    5. support/decrease medical debt

    1. tax write offs for higher income

    2. catastrophic medical coverages for all at over certain price

    6. medical/pharmaceutical costs

    1. Innovations must be rewarded

    2. Old drugs should not cost so much--> generics manufactured by NGOs/non-profits/government

    7. open more residency spots and decrease cost of colleges/medical schools that affect physicians/apps/nurses choices

    train more well qualified physicians due to shortage. decrease/forgive loans for "less" competitive/ less well paid subspecialities and locations

    8. encourage/innovate virtual care with close physical follow up

    done it during COVID times. why isn't' uptake higher still

    9. make interstate licensing easier/unified to have more mobility for nurses/physicians/apps

    1.painful process of obtaining licenses--> interstate reciprocal process may be helpful in "flexing" physicians to states/areas of need by "flexing" pay structure

    2. definitely saw improvement during COVId times with "emergency" licensing/locums

    10. baseline "universal health care" with ability to buy more "insurance" for the wealthy

    1. free primary care/preventive care/vaccinations etc

    2. insurance for more costly care/locations/specific arrangements physicians/hospitals etc

    3. basic support for chronic care such has dialysis/cancer care with maximum payment based on "assets"

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