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“I can't afford not to work anymore.”

—What makes you say that?


And this same person, who leads a large budget for his business, can tell me:

-his actual Vs Budget precisely.

-his trend for the month, the quarter, and the year.

-the areas he needs to work on to make sure he closes the quarter.

In short, an excellent professional.

We all have an "enough number."

One that allows you (if you want) not to work anymore.

    1. How to calculate your enough number?

    "The Trinity Study, made in 1998, simulated various investment portfolios over 70 years and concluded that if you withdraw 4% of your portfolio per year, you should last at least 30 years.

    So following this assumption, a simple way to calculate your "enough number" is to take your annual expenses and multiply them by 25. This is the amount you would have to invest in the market to achieve financial independence.

    2. But there are 1000 forms of financial independence.

    Maybe you just want to do a “mini-retirement” for 3 or 6 months. Or travel the world for two years.

    3. Understanding your personal finances (Earning, Saving, Investing) allows you to gain clarity.

    And clarity allows you to navigate your professional career more serenely.

    -An unexpected layoff.

    -Affirm your beliefs without fear of losing your job.

    -Reinvent a new career without the financial pressure.

    4. Know your numbers, live more intentionally.

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