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I just quick my job. Ideas for what to do

    1. What To Do When Your Job Sucks

    make a book about it and list out 100 things. Make it fun. Illustrate each one. Would make a nice "get unstuck" book.

    2. Post each one picture in IG as well

    Ask people to post a story about them doing each thing and re-share each one.

    3. Print out pictures and make a gallery of them oustide. Maybe a park? Maybe a street? (ask for permission)

    4. Interview People about getting out of your comfort zone or getting unstuck

    5. Walk across Illinois (long way or short way) and illustrate things you see.

    Why not? You have free time now.

    6. Start an email list

    Ask people if they want to receive these 100 things to do when your job sucks in their inbox every day

    7. Start a print business where you can't buy prints for yourself

    We don't ask for shipping!

    You can only buy the print for someone else. If feels good to receive an art print. But buying art is usually a very solo thing. So this would be a good idea to spread some cheer and surprise strangers.

    8. Do nothing

    Do nothing for a while. You've been working for years

    9. Teach people how to Illustrate

    Maybe make a course and ship it on udemy

    10. Wake up every morning and paint

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