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I like cheese but I ain’t no rat. (3 min 26 sec)

I like cheese, but not like that.
Trappings of the World" can be likened to a big mouse trap, luring you with its enticing promises and material possessions, only to ensnare you in a cycle of desire, attachment, and discontentment. 
Just like a mouse trap, the external trappings of the world trap you (that's why it's called a trap)in a never-ending pursuit of material possessions, societal expectations, and external validation, until it all comes to a crashing halt.

I like cheese but I ain’t no rat. (3 min 26 sec)

    1. For us, avid "cheese lovers," the constant challenge lies in the ever-changing type of cheese (bait) that entices us.

    2. The Materialism Trap - Cheddar Cheese: The allure of material possessions and Consumerism.

    3. The Approval Trap - Swiss Cheese: The need for external validation creates holes in our sense of self-worth and we constantly seek validation from others.

    4. The Comparison Trap - Blue Cheese: Comparing ourselves to other people breeds discontentment leading to a perpetual cycle of comparison and dissatisfaction.

    5. The Perfectionism Trap - Gouda Cheese: The pursuit of perfection is a never-ending quest for flawlessness, causing unnecessary stress and psychological pain.

    6. The Fear of Failure Trap - Pepper Jack Cheese: The fear of failure adds spice and anxiety to our journey preventing us from taking inspired action and embracing life's gifts.

    7. The Social Media Trap - Mozzarella Cheese: The addictive nature of social media platforms keeps us hooked, seeking constant validation and comparison through virtual connections.

    8. The Workaholism Trap - Provolone Cheese: The obsession with work and neglecting other areas of life is a trap and we're caught up in a cycle of overwork and burnout.

    9. The Ego Trap - Brie Cheese: The ego's need for superiority and recognition creates a barrier between us and genuine connections, hindering our ability to experience true humility and empathy.

    10. The Time Trap - Colby Cheese: We waste time and we don't use our time for what it is meant for - to be a champion for Love.

    11. The Comfort Zone Trap - Feta Cheese: The comfort zone keeps us confined to familiarity and our unwillingness to trade an illusion for Truth.

    12. What's the opposite of a trap?

    Liberation and freedom.
    A trap restricts and confines, liberation or freedom represents the absence of constraints or limitations. 
    It implies the ability to make choices and act without hindrance or coercion. 
    It signifies a state of openness, release, and unrestricted movement or expression. 
    In contrast to a trap that holds or confines us, liberation or freedom empowers and allows us to experience love without aspirations or barriers.

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