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Idea sex in the bedroom

Something easy for today.  I'll get back to top tier lists soon.  

    1. Metronome/uke

    One made for beginners that flashes every time you should strum and another light for every new set of beats.

    I try but once I start singing I can't keep track of the beats.  I'm sure this would make it easier.

    Or you get a set of 4 leds in a line.  One light at a time so you always know where in the beat you currently are.

    2. Urinal/bed

    So you never have to get out of bed just after you get cosey.  Maybe you can attach a weird hose to you so you can go without ever waking up.

    Not serious.  This would be disgusting.  Even if it worked imagine bringing a partner back to that?  Eewww... 

    3. Bed/bats

    A special device that allows you to sleep upside down.  Goths would love it.  More blood to the brain means you'll wake up as smart as a bat.

    4. Washing basket/bin shoot

    Drop dirty clothes into the shoot and they appear outside your washing machine.  I really like this Idea.

    5. Digital notes board

    A screen the size of a poster that displays your notes.  Not touch screen.

    Maybe real notes are better.

    6. White noise machine

    When I sleep I like pitch darkness and no sound.  Darkness is easy enough with a blindfold.  Earplugs fall out maybe white noise will do the trick.

    7. New TV set up

    Great if I want to lye down and watch TV.  Not great if I want to play games.  Escaping into the game world might do me some good.

    8. Posters

    Posters with quotes would be nice.

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