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Ideas for a newsletter

I want to start a daily newsletter business and I’m looking for topics to write about that will be interesting, useful, and won’t require I ton of research and effort.

    1. My ideas for the day

    Every morning, I will tweet out ten ideas that I think are interesting or useful. Each idea will have a link to an article about it and a little blurb.

    2. The best articles of the day

    I’ll go through the most read articles on sites like Medium and find the ones that are really good and do mini-reviews of them.

    3. Ten things in your city you can do RIGHT NOW!

    I love this website called “The Daily Best” where every day they list ten things you can do in your city right now to have fun, meet people, etc. I’ll review these lists and put links to each item so people can check them out.

    4. What is AI doing?

    There are so many advances in AI every day it’s hard to keep up with them all. I want to put together a list of what is happening in AI every day. And then maybe update it daily or weekly as new developments occur.

    5. What happened in history on this day?

    People don't know much history but there are so many interesting stories on what happened on certain days throughout history. For instance, did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born on April 18th (the exact same day as Hitler) and John F Kennedy was killed on November 22nd (the exact same date as Cesar Chavez). Also, Lincoln's first job was working at a store owned by...John Wilkes Booth's father! Did you know that George Washington Carver invented peanut butter? Or that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb but didn't make money off of it because he didn't patent it? There are so many stories like this and I would love to compile them into a daily newsletter.

    6. Interesting news from around the world!

    I always think it's funny when Americans say "I don't watch the news" when really all they watch is Fox News or CNN which are basically just opinion shows with some news sprinkled in between commercials for Viagra and reverse mortgages. The real news happening around the world is fascinating if one takes time to look at it instead of relying solely on biased sources like CNN or Fox News (which is not even considered "news" anymore). For instance, there were elections yesterday in Pakistan (where Imran Khan won), Russia (Putin won), Hungary (Orban won), India (there were over 100 terrorist attacks during election season), Belarus (a dictator who has been in power since Soviet times won), etc It's amazing how much goes on around the world everyday but we never hear about it here because our media companies want us to think everything important happens here since they want us watching their ads for cars, beer, etc

    7. The great books ever written by category!

    For instance, "The 10 Greatest Books Ever Written About War", "The 10 Greatest Books Ever Written About Chess", "The 10 Greatest Books Ever Written About Love", etc It would be fun to put together categories like this and see which books float to the top of each category and why they might be better than others within their category. This would take some research but could be very interesting once done.

    8. Every country ever invaded by another country

    By month
    Since 1800
    With maps
    And reasons why each invasion occurred and what happened afterwards
    Plus current situation today with each country mentioned above
    Would take tons of research but could be super interesting once done plus could be used as reference material later down the road when looking at future conflicts involving these countries or similar situations involving other countries mentioned above

    9. A book recommendation a day

    Every book recommended comes with an explanation

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