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Ideas for Apps

These may already be out there... if so, please advise.

    1. Links Pictures to Audio files

    Allows older folks to record family history with family pictures.

    2. Usage Monitor

    Reports apps you haven't used for at least 30 days, with an option to keep for another number of days, or uninstall.

    3. Debit / Credit Card overview

    Puts your card information in one place, including current balances and payment due dates (there was one that isn't around any more), with warnings on approaching due dates.

    4. Incoming Message Reader

    Integrates text messages, e-mails, voice mails (converted to text), facebook, twitter, etc, allowing reading/hearing/ responding regardless of type.

    5. Phone Use Blocker

    Prevents you from using the phone for a certain period of time, or in a certain place. If you pick the phone up or swipe, it vibrates or makes embarrassing fart noises or something else to keep you off the phone. Could be used in a restaurant while having dinner, or such, so people don't get lost in their phones.

    6. Random Writing Subjects

    Creates a random subject to write about - practical, silly, whatever.

    7. Space Saver

    Install / uninstall apps you only need periodically - like the kid's sports calendar app you don't need over the summer. And can intuitively installs/runs things you need - like a weather mapping app when a storm is coming.

    8. "Overload" Monitor

    Tells you to stop installing apps - not just because of lack of storage, but because of impingement on time using the app - like games and such - so you can manage your time better.

    9. Calendar / Contacts Integration

    One place to add / update / search your work and personal calendars and contacts. Google and Outlook used to get along, and this was simple. Not so much any more.

    10. "You Don't Need That" / "You Really Need To"

    Asks you if you really, really need to go to Dunkin Donuts or ice cream shop. Reminds you that you really need to go to the gym or get exercise rather than vegetate on the couch.

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