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Ideas for Blockchain and NFT business ideas

My first list ever! Kept hearing James Altucher mention this. Share some love :D

Ah yes, the hottest topic of 2022. I have no technical or coding knowledge, and my depth of knowledge for blockchain and defi is very surface level. I have however seen this massive wave of big brands and studios trying to hop on this train... usually, they do it wrong. Can I get to 10 ideas? Let's see! haha What is your favorite?

#4 is my favorite!

    1. Replace legal consultants with blockchain functions

    Not sure how this will work... but if the block chain is so secure, what's keeping us from using it to verify legal documents? Why can't I write a will on the blockchain? Why can't blockchain verify my identify instead of my bank? What's stopping me from starting a blockchain version of docu sign?

    2. Crypto Currency investing courses

    Join those annoying GenZ YouTubers and 20 year old drop outs in farming views to sell their get rich course.... meh. How about something that is helpful that gathers info from the top crypto investors out there

    3. NFTs for good

    Charity NFTs... I'm sure these exist, but let's do this more

    4. NFT video game levels

    I came up with this one on one of my runs... which means this idea is FIRE. NFTs and gaming has become a cash grab -- mainly because we can't get those delicious tokens and art work royalties out of our minds! What if instead, a video game had randomly generated levels (think roguelites) that are non-repeatable because they are generated on the blockchain? Then the first players of that level have a unique NFT that is unique to them, they can share with friends or even sell for the rare loot or drops!

    For success the game would have to have huge social and viral impact (think Among Us)

    This takes away the cash grab aspect of NFTs in games, promotes social sharing and community content. Puts power and creativity and the fun of the game in the hands of the players.

    5. NFT art parks

    Come on!! A physical location filled with augmented reality NFT art!??? Simply scan a QR code at the entrance and view each installation as you walk through. See them interact seamlessly with physical installations and use the app to initiate social interactions

    6. Car Title NFTs

    Back on the legal verification train... how about we end every form of vehicle fraud for eternity? why not?

    7. NFT simple API integrations

    This could be a simple API, can be installed in dozens of software applications to auto-generate NFT verification. Examples may be: Salesforce integration - turn your sales numbers into an NFT. Future employer not sure you hit your old numbers? Have permanent sharable record with your face on it haha... Finish that Udemy or masterclass course? NFT that shit

    8. Why can't the Blockchain do my taxes?

    Yeah... we'd have to code the entire IRS handbook onto the blockchain and add to it every five seconds that they create some new rule but... would be cool

    9. DeFi to help developing countries

    How about a conceited effort to create stable coins for countries with corrupt governments, developing tech or otherwise to secretly adopt a stable coin right under the nose of their terrible government in conjunction with other oppressed people groups from around the world? It's like a DeFi, guerrilla, financial revolution

    10. Dreams on the blockchain

    Gimmicky? Put your dreams, your ideal self, your ambitions and goals right on the blockchain. Imagine how much someone might value a Steve Jobs dream NFT if he put all his ambitions and insight into how he viewed himself into a non repeatable, irreplaceable NFT. It's like a personal journal, but forever verified in its authenticity.

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