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Ideas for taking the Dog Food Industry to the next level

Dog food were is is going in the future

    1. Carbon Neutral Dog food

    Sustainability the credentials from the ingredients to its distribution packaging

    2. Vegan Dog Food

    If you can fool a dog then you have the test bed for winning over human carnivores

    3. Dog food to the DNA

    Owners submit the dogs DNA ,using these markers a specific diet is designed for the individual dog

    4. Dog food to the fitbit

    Using an activity tracker this should assist with determining portion size diet make up Or use a human & dog tracker have companion ship with Mans best freind

    5. Dog food adjust it for the season

    Look at having not a single recipe dog food but one that bends to the seasons of the year

    6. Food Nijia for Dogs

    Have a one stop food machine for making your own dog food

    7. Dog food cook book

    World cuisine after all not all dog food is equal
    Study what different counties feed there dogs

    8. Encourage owners to differentiate between breakfast and dinner for the dog

    Get the dog owner to differentiate between the morning and evening meals.

    9. Optimal dog food really focus on the nutreients to prolong longevity

    Focus on the foods and supplements that prolong your dogs food and keep them away from the vets

    10. Tie up the above in a subscription model - different model for dog type and weight

    Really research look at which dogs are bought by the different income brackets
    look closely at the demographics
    focus on the dog types
    review the diets currently eaten by this dogs use the above ideas to differentiate the subscription service from otherds.

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