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Ideas for Home Based, Remote Workers

I love working from home. I can't ever see myself commuting to an office again. I've worked from home for 5 years. My previous employer wouldn't let me work from home because they were ancient and liked to micro manage.

    1. Get a stand up desk and walking treadmill. I walk during internal Zoom meetings. This keeps me from multitasking when the meeting gets boring.

    2. Buy an essential oils diffuser and get some essential oils. My favourites are non-traditional essential oils like, 'Leather', 'Campfire', and 'Teak Wood.' I can get my office smelling however I want.

    3. Buy a large external monitor for your laptop. I primarily work from my external monitor with my laptop screen as a second screen.

    4. Buy a professional webcam. Mount it on top of your external monitor.

    5. Take a daily nap after lunch. Something you could never do at the office.

    6. Buy a mini-trampoline. 2-3x per day, I turn on a song I like on my phone and jump for the entire song.

    7. Have a set shutdown time and routine. When you work from home, it easy to keep working well past when you need to.

    8. Buy headphones for Zoom meeting audio. I use the generic, wired Apple headphones but anything will do. People who use their computer speaker for online meetings aren't optimal.

    9. Make sure you invest in the fastest Internet you can get plus a good mesh system for your home to get adequate WIFI coverage.

    10. Buy athletic recovery tools like this [ https://hyperice.com/products/hypervolt-2/ ] for use throughout the day.

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