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Ideas for How to Exercise at least 1x per day

My track record: I have exercised at least 1x per day for the last 23 years. I have missed a handful of sessions due to illness over this time.

    1. Join CrossFit - it has built in community/accountability with like-minded people. It's an effective workout but you can't do it 7x week. I shoot for 3-4/week.

    2. Buy a Peloton bike and/or treadmill. It's convenient, fun, you are part of a community, and it's easy to workout using this equipment 2-3x per week.

    3. Try something new: Pilates, Barre, Yoga - classes are available on YouTube for free or through the Peloton app.

    4. Start the day with exercise. If you leave it to the afternoon or evening, it's much easier to talk yourself out of it.

    5. Work at a standup desk with a walking treadmill. Zoom calls are much more productive while walking.

    6. Buy a mini trampoline on Amazon for <$100 and jump on it 2-3x per day to get the blood flowing.

    7. Get a big screen TV in your workout area to watch YouTube videos during the wokout.

    8. Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks during the workout.

    9. Get an Apple Watch and focus on closing your rings each day - you can also compete with others.

    10. Have a 'no excuses' mentality - don't let weather, how you feel, how sore you are, or any other 'excuse' get in the way of your workout.

    11. Block social media, news, and sports websites so you don't waste time. Use the 1-2 hours per day you saved from these websites for exercise.

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