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Ideas for Level 1 of the Immersive Solgats Story

Earth looks like:


    1. Opening Scene

    Opening Scene should be on Pewtopia because:

    • The Gathedz are the holders
    • Gathedz live on Pewtopia
    • And holders are the ones that'll be making decisions.

    <Something> on pewtopia is telling the story of Artie going from Earth to Mars to the Gathedz... Later on Artie's Story will intersect with whatever this <Something> is.

    Some ideas for <Something> here: https://notepd.com/idea/ideas-for-the-opening-scene-of-solgats-foe5h

    First story Branch occurs here. Player makes a decision, story siderails slightly based on choice before returning to the main plot narrative.

    2. Pewtopia is a floating island that orbits Mars

    -Explains how the gathedz learned about Artie

    -Gathedz bend light to travel, monitor planets, communicate, etc (e.g., tTellions rehash)

    -This lightbending tech is why humans never noticed Pewtopia

    -An unknown force [the bad guys] will eventually intercept this light traveling technology, kidnapping Artie

    3. Artie's story

    -A rejected prototype of Tesla's humanoid Optimus robot (see: )

    -He's been sitting in a collector's dusty garage somewhere in Miami, FL.

    -A "call to action" occurs where he endsup on a SpaceX or NASA ship to Mars

    4. Cliff-hangers

    Each of the "levels" will end with a cliff-hanger to keep people curious.

    Maybe first one = Artie clinging to side of a spaceship as it enters the atmosphere...Will he survive?

    5. The City of Magicians [AI generated idea...magicians = bad guys?]

    This level of the Immersive Solgats Story would take place in an ancient city populated by powerful magicians. The player must navigate the city, solving puzzles and overcoming magical obstacles in order to progress. Along the way, they will learn powerful spells and gain knowledge that will help them on their journey to the lost city of Solgats.

    6. The Desert of Illusions [AI generated idea...dessert = surface of Mars?]

    This level of the Immersive Solgats Story would take place in a vast desert, full of tricky illusions and hidden traps. The player must use their wits and magical abilities to navigate the shifting sands and reach the lost city of Solgats. The main goal of this level is to find the key to unlocking the secrets of the city.

    7. The Cave of Nightmares [AI generated idea...Cave = cave on mars?]

    This level of the Immersive Solgats Story would take place in an underground cave full of dangerous creatures and powerful nightmares. The player must battle their way through the dark caverns and find the lost city of Solgats in order to progress. Along the way, the player will gain knowledge and abilities that will help them fight the powerful nightmares and ultimately unlock the secrets of Solgats.

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