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Ideas for NotePD

    1. Image recognition

    Like Google Photos, NotePD can automatically tag and organize your photos.

    2. OCR for handwriting

    Right now, if you write an essay in NotePD, we have to manually type it. With OCR (optical character recognition), the computer will automatically convert your handwriting into text.

    3. Automatic AI chatbot suggestions for your ideas

    For instance, if I write "I want to learn piano" the AI can suggest "write 10 reasons why", "write a list of pianos I can buy", etc.

    4. A marketplace for idea execution services

    For instance, there's an idea here to make a website called "10 Ideas". Someone can come here and offer services like: I'll make this website for $200. Or they can offer other services as well (like design, or SEO). This way people can find service providers here on specific ideas they have.

    5. An AI that writes articles based on your ideas!

    Let's say you write 10 ideas every day. The AI would read all of them and then write a weekly article summarizing them all and linking to the original idea on NotePD so people can follow-up on those ideas. The goal is to help people become better at writing their own newsletters (like me).

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