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Ideas for what to do when you have a 55 day idea list streak going and you can't think of any idea lists to keep the streak going

    1. Create a crappy idea list like this one

    2. Jump up and down 212 times while shouting, 'I am an idea machine' - something should come of that.

    3. Announce plans buy a large social media company but first, you need an idea list on how to make it better.

    4. WWJD: "What would James do?"

    5. 10 ideas to help Jay Yow become the next President of Malaysia

    6. Watch a bit of CNN and then realize how bad the world is and how much it needs new ideas.

    7. Reflect on each bad decision I've made in my life and then realize that if I had only created an Idea List, I wouldn't have made such a horrible choice.

    8. Then, create an Idea List for how much living a life of regret sucks.

    9. Then, create an Idea List for how we are bound to have some regrets in life if we attempt big things.

    10. Then, create an Idea List for how to get over the burn out we experience after hustling after big things for 24/7/365

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