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Ideas for why to do a 5 Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

I am currently on Day 3 of a 5 Day Juice Fast/Cleanse. Each day, I consume only 7 pre-selected, small juices, water, and tea. No other food is allowed.

    1. A feeling of accomplishment - to not eat food for 5 days is an impressive feat.

    2. Save time - I'm not preparing, eating, or cleaning up after consuming food.

    3. Mental sharpness - after the initial hunger pains subsided, my thinking is getting more clear.

    4. Reset the body - digestion takes a lot of energy. This allows my digestion system to relax and reset.

    5. Reflect on how much time we spend on thinking about food.

    6. Reflect on what it would be like to be hungry a lot of the time due to poverty.

    7. Inspiring my kids to take on challenges and be uncomfortable.

    8. I'm not trying to lose weight but it is a side benefit.

    9. I can say 'no' to myself when I am hungry.

    10. Food is not in control of me and I don't need it to live my best life.

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