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Ideas: I have more ideas than I will ever finish in a lifetime

It takes all personalities to make a successful business. It is not enough to just have ideas or be a quick starter you need a team that compliments you to implement your ideas and make the boring repetitive stuff work.

    1. Investing in stocks and options: The market presents opportunities for a rational thinker when it acts irrationally.

    2. Investing in stocks and options: To be a successful investor you need to monitor just how rational your decisions are by looking at and monitoring your past decisions.

    Do you have rules around your investing that you follow unemotionally?
    For example CANSLIM or selling PUTS and CALLS weekly vs 45 days

    3. Investing in stocks and options: When market sentiment changes it is hard to switch your belief system and investments to the new normal

    4. Your Belief System: This is not always rational, what has served you well in the past may not do so in the future. eg Blockbuster vs Netflix, Amazon vs Barnes and Noble

    5. Opportunities: Focusing means learning to say no to some of the opportunities

    Creative people love to embrace new opportunities but need to remember that they make their money from a repetitive system that has been well implemented.

    6. Real Estate Investing: It can be fun to invest in real estate, collect rent and make improvements and I recommend it as long term tax advantaged holding.

    7. Taxes and Investing: Paying attention to taxes and law changes will help you be more successful. Congress makes laws to benefit themselves.

    Having your own business is much more likely to help you become wealthy than working for other people. For example you can hire and pay your kids and deduct it etc.

    8. Spoiling your Kids: Looking back I think it is a mistake to show them your love by giving them everything you think they need.

    9. Repetition: The key to success is to create systems that generate income on a consistent and repetitive basis

    10. Happiness: You will never regret the great journey of life. Travel whenever you can, help people as much as you can, and have fun everyday!

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