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Ideas to make Major League Baseball more exciting

I've drifted away from MLB, starting years ago, culminating in the last player strike. And my son has had absolutely no interest (he plays lacrosse). Would take a lot to get me back. Here are some ways, none of which would -ever- happen.

Ideas to make Major League Baseball more exciting

    1. Bat the opposite way

    Righties bat lefty, and vice versa, in certain innings, randomly, or by other teams (limited number) choice.

    2. Stealing gets two bases / tag out is two outs

    If a runner steals one base, they get the other for free. Steal home and get either two runs, or the option for a "free steal" of one base later in the game.

    3. Random Bats

    Not only make, but size. Player has to use what he gets.

    4. Fan Management - group

    Give the managers the day off. Poll those in attendance with an app, and make substitutions, calls for bunts, steals, etc. by majority vote. Maybe not for the whole game, but maybe a random selection of when to do this.

    5. Fan Management - individual

    Have a randomly picked (interested) fan (preferably a kid) get to manage certain games during the season.

    6. Base Adjusters

    Bases can be moved plus or minus five feet from the usual 90 feet, again randomly done.

    7. Home Run bonus multiplier

    Home runs landing in a certain area, beyond a certain distance, or hitting the foul pole would result in the number of runs being multiplied by the spin of a wheel, ten percent of the area of which is "negative runs" and the team loses what they would have received.

    8. Tripping / blocking of runners allowed

    Within limits, and if contact is made, the contacting player cannot participate in the rest of the play, such as a run down or backing up another player, and no other player can cover that position / base.

    9. Ball catcher / dropper

    Like the skycam, a robot whose job is to "fetch" batted balls. Once caught, either the batter is out, or the catcher can drop the ball anywhere on the field.

    10. Pop Up Obstacles in the base paths

    Kind of like the "Wipeout" TV show.

    11. Change the ball randomly

    From a baseball to a tennis ball (as a kid we played "tennis baseball" in the school parking lot when the fields were too wet or snowy to play regular baseball), or lacrosse, golf, or volleyball.

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