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Nicola Fisher


If I Had To Go Back To College

I like this list idea by @BillBergeman.

    1. Study something I really love

    There's something to be said about studying something because you want to rather than you must! Although I loved my year in France, a lot of the remainder of the time studying French wasn't that thrilling. Now, I might read history, especially Elizabethan. Or literature. With more life experience, it makes more sense.

    2. Be more strategic

    I had no plan - one day just followed another, class after class. I could have read around my subjects more, explored other opportunities, spent more time in France.

    3. Have more fun

    My idea of fun probably isn't most people's. I would spend more time going to places where I was studying. Tap into culture more. Go to the latest exhibitions. Spend my time wisely.

    4. Resources

    I would be more serious about my studies. I know how to research better now, write better. I would sign up to some great libraries and resources, immerse myself in my area of study.

    5. Be more confident

    I was still working things out when I was 18. I had no idea of the direction I wanted to take. I didn't know who I was or what was important to me. I had no sense of where I was headed.

    6. Professors

    Engage with professors and tutors more. I really just attended the essentials and didn't see professors as people who could help or guide me.

    7. Grab opportunities

    I would have probably come across other opportunities if I'd known how to network and tap into the wisdom around me. (See above).

    8. Internet

    Back in my day, the public internet was about 12 years away! I could do such a lot now with the resources available online. Plus, I could publish more easily and share my work.

    9. Independence

    Back then, I was reliant on my parents financially. Now, I could pay for my studies myself, and invest in what interests me. I'm sure that would shift my mindset too.

    10. A different end in mind

    At 18, studying was a precursor to finding a good job. Now, the priorities are different.

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